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"Kahuna" mascot & characters

Character Design
For the new softdrink "Kahuna", I created a mascot and some side characters.  
Kahuna is a delicious mix of exotic fruits like grapefruit, lime, elderflower and mint and launched 2013 in Germany.

Advertising Agency: HOCHBURG GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative director: Florian Boyd
Client: Kahuna, K&K Beverage GmbH
Making of the main character "King Kahuna" in Photoshop:
Some of the side characters aka "King Kahuna's little helpers":
Various sketches of the main character, the "Kahuna King":
Various sketches of the side characters:
"Kahuna" mascot & characters

"Kahuna" mascot & characters

Creation of a mascot and some side characters for a soft drink brand