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Coffee House London

Coffee House London
Coffee shop from Kiev, Ukraine

Scope of work:
Brand strategy
Logo design
Brand identity
Retail and interior architecture
Packaging design
Communication concept
Digital design
Graphic design

Launching a new coffee brand in today’s strong competitive market is hugely challenging. You have to offer something truly unique, of the highest quality and with great atmosphere. You really have to stand out in a crowd. London is the city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture, its loyalties being formed in childhood and honored for a lifetime. It is one of the few points on the world’s map, offering to everyone something peculiarly special to leave a piece of their souls.

Due to what we aimed not just display the uniqueness of the products offered, but link them to the rich English culture, combining the heritage of coffee drinks with the distinctive one-of-a-kind pleasures provided exclusively by London House coffees. It was evident at once that the place’s corporate style will be enriched with the coat-of-arms logo. Its components immediately reveal the true values the brand is ready to share with by means of taste, services and atmosphere.

Refined ornaments, as well as the crown consisting of hearts, express the particularly sensitive individual approach toward each visitor. The color combinations chosen match harmoniously both within daylight and evening lighting, but the picture is especially attractive in the play of the morning sun rays, when over a third of the world total start the day with a cup of the aromatic drink. Either alone with your thoughts or in the group of intimates, Coffee House London will always cherish you with the unique atmosphere of coziness and warm welcome.

Coffee House London

Coffee House London

Coffee House London - Brand Identity Launching a new coffee brand in today’s very competitive market is hugely challenging. You have to offer s Read More