Keiryō basin
Keiryō is a freestanding spun metal and ceramic basin. It is designed to reduce visual bulk of a basin, eliminating weight associated with ceramics while retaining a feeling of warmth and enhancing user experience. The elegant profile of Keiryō basin is achieved through the use of spun metal with an internal support structure. This allows for an incredibly delicate wall section and slender profile, inspiring a floating weightless quality and enriching the user experience.
The process of spinning metal is not uncommon for home ware design. From lighting, to furniture and table ware, spun metal objects provide and an elegant solution for cylindrical designs, which can then be finished using numerous methods from power coating, to anodising and polishing. The use of a straight through trap allows for the plumbing to be arranged as a vertical column, naturally lending itself to a spun cylindrical design direction. This also creates an internal support structure to be incredibly compact – 70mm – giving the basin a slender gravity defying appearance. A spun metal body elevates the ceramic basin, only coming into contact through five small bumps located at the underside of the ceramic basin. Hidden contact points create a shadow gap between the metal and ceramic elements, further enhancing a feeling of weightless floating. The structural element is a central column made up of four steel poles sandwiched between a base and top plate. The base plate is bolted into the ground, whilst the top plate supports the ceramic basin
Ilya Fridman
Rowan Page
Marinos Drake
Studio Batch -
Reece Bathroom Innovation Award (finalist)