Design for minority
Luxury packaging accessible for the blind
This is a fictional school assignment at Westerdals School of Communication, and has nothing to do with Chanel or it's brand, what so ever.
  Our brief was to make a luxury packaging, for Chanel's perfume "Égoïste". As well as working for people with good eyesight, it also had to be accessible to blind people, and people with poor eyesight.
   My main focus, was to make a luxury experience, that was close to similar to everyone. The outer box is made of  thick black paper, with minor details printed on in black. The lid is magnetic, so it sits nice on the shelf, and is easy to open and close.
  The inner box, is made with the name "Égoïst" in mind. It is a self centered box, that sits around the small deilicate black box in the middle, and protects it.
   The white sleeve is meant to containf braille, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the newest dummy.