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    Sweden’s government asked us to develop a new identity for the country, to be used when communicating on behalf of Sweden. Our brief was to repla… Read More
    Sweden’s government asked us to develop a new identity for the country, to be used when communicating on behalf of Sweden. Our brief was to replace the many fragmented organizational identities of Swedish ministries, agencies and corporations with one integrated visual brand identity system, to unambiguously represent Sweden in the world. Read Less
We’re particularly proud of the brand identity program we’ve created for Sweden. The reason for the success and widespread media attention? Simplicity, precision, sustainability and - the fact that we simply love place branding!
Digital effects
Facebook shares: +480% 
Site visitors: +30%
The Ministry for Foreign affairs, Visit Sweden, Business Sweden, The Swedish Institute and their partners all experienced a lack of consistency when communicating and building the brand of Sweden internationally. Our mission was to create a coherent strategic and hands-on identity program for the global brand of Sweden.
Nation branding is a challenge, it requires a design which reflects the physical place as well as the trade and industry, the culture, the people and the values. To put it shortly: it should convey the message of the country’s soul. For this, simplicity, clarity and extraordinary sustainability is an absolute requirement. 
We created an identity which can be used separately by one organization or when communicating together, of course channel agnostic. The building blocks are shown below and can be found as a whole here:
During the design process, we grappled with many questions, like: What symbols best represent a country? How do we design a unified identity for use in extremely divergent contexts and on wildly different scales? Which parts of an identity should always be used, and which parts only in the right context? And how do we clarify when an organization is speaking on behalf of Sweden?
Maybe expected - yet unexpected, the Swedish flag, in its original proportions used since the 15thcentury, was chosen as symbol for Sweden’s logotype. Combined with the wordmark “Sweden” (in the signature typeface Sweden Sans), written in the language spoken where the communication is targeted, creates a versatile and completely responsive logotype.
Primary colors are the original yellow and blue from the Swedish flag. The initial accent colors are based on the coloration of Carl von Linnés’ “Systema Naturae” (The Linnaean taxonomy and the ideas for hierarchal classification of the natural world).
The choice of typeface is important for every brand when building a strong identity. Sweden Sans is exclusively made (by Stefan Hattenbach and Söderhavet) for Sweden and is the country’s official typeface. It is used in communication regarding Sweden and its brand. The aim was to create something unique, simple and versatile, which could be used digital and analogue, stand-alone or combined with other typefaces. Old road signs, monospaced fonts, classic sans serifs and Scandinavian design influenced and inspired us in the creation of Sweden Sans. 
Sweden’s own typeface has generated a lot of attention in both Sweden and worldwide. 
Sweden is a progressive and innovative country and Söderhavet is digital at heart. We rather show than tell, that’s why we’ve added technology and smartness into the identity. Initial projects are
Identity tool, Official Anglemaker, Imagebank Sweden and Migration Sweden.
Identity tool is a service provided by Söderhavet, for creating customizable digital brand manuals. Sweden’s brand identity is only available in digital form which makes it easy to update and access.
Here you can find the manual with components to download and an educational blog for shared knowledge. Read more:
Official Anglemaker is a digital tool used to put Sweden in relation to other places. The connected places, whether they’re geographical or philosophical, creates an angle which produces a responsive and
personalized pattern which can be used to reflect the context where the communication takes place. Try it out: Official Anglemaker
Imagebank Sweden is a free imagebank for anyone who wants to market Sweden abroad. The photos are taken both by private individuals as well as professional photographers. Search for image:
With data and personal stories, Sweden and Migration tell the story of how the emigration and
immigration has helped develop and create Sweden. Beyond prejudice and assumptions. Visit: Sweden and Migration