Seef Mall rebrand for one of Bahrain's most loved malls. Unisono's task was to strategically reposition the mall from one of dowdy conservatism to it's real position of 'family friendly convenience' - with a new vision 'to inspire enjoyment' and a new core philosophy, the malls core attributes were able to shine through. Work included an extensive brand engagement over 18 months including workshops, multiple roll out planning scenarios, a signage system design plus a full launch program.  

Brand Strategist: Amy Morgan
Exec. Creative Director / Brand Designer: Liam Farrell
Ass. Creative Director: Marcus Koskinen
Digital Art Director: Aleksei Segodin
Copywriters: Ahmed Waheed Hamdy / Liam Farrell
Icon design: Predrag Milankovic, Rubio Pereira, Liam Farrell
3D modeling, illustration, signage: Aleksei Segodin
Photographer: Aleksei Segodin
Print design: Jawaher Alali, Husain Mudara