For Austria’s most popular private label – »Zurück zum Ursprung« – the crucial point is: Healthy food can only come from intact nature and from healthy animals and raw materials. This is why the brand relies on the eight basic values ​​of regionality, environmental protection, freedom from genetic engineering, animal welfare and animal husbandry, food quality, transparency, consumer fairness and farmer fairness – true to the brand’s motto »Organic that goes further«.

As an extension of the product range of »Zurück zum Ursprung«, we developed a premium appearance for the regional producer Feinkost Leitinger, which puts the high-quality ingredients in the centre of the design. The varieties »Egg«, »Pumpkin Seed«, »Liptauer« and »Beetroot« make up the product range of the »Premium Curd Spreads«. A colored linen structure, hand-drawn illustrations, gold foil and accented typography create clear recognition.

Zurück zum Ursprung