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Rassha | Brand Identity | Kids Fashion | Apparel
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There is this thing about fairy tales, about they way they are told, the way they live with us as we grow and lastly the way they make young girls smile when they are keenly listening to them. From your mom telling you a bed time story to you recalling the books you read about castles, fairies and magic. We never really out grow them, those memories even as we grow up to become fine women.

Well, lets make our brand exactly that. Memorable. Not only for the society and markets but the girl who will be growing up very soon. The brand with its spirited and humane designs and fabrics will be that tale she lives through as a young girl, cherishes it as a memory when she grows up and passes it down to the little girls coming after her.

With every other individual addressing young girls as princess and their xyz associated philosphies, let’s take a detour with our brand.

Rassha believes girls are more like fairies than princesses. Little beings filled with their own unique magical powers and imagination who are capable of changing and transforming the world and the society with their words and actions.

So to all parents and grown ups wondering what is Rassha again?
It’s a brand
It’s a label
But mostly its a fairytale.
And most importantly, It’s your fairy's tale.

And since we are talking about tales, not forgetting the harsh world these girls will be living in, we share tales about

Fairies who stand up for themselves,
Fairies who are brave,
Fairies who forgive,
Fairies who fight,
Fairies who care,
Fairies who love themselves,
Fairies who support each other.

With every such story Rassha makes its girls realize that they too posses the same unique magic of greatness within them waiting to be written.

Rassha | Brand Identity | Kids Fashion | Apparel

Rassha | Brand Identity | Kids Fashion | Apparel