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Social Media Poster Series
Social Media
Throughout my pieces I revealed the obscure and subconscious side-effects of social media. With this being said, I chose to use a digital medium to mimic the digital nature of social media. 

I started off with a photographic exploration of the concept. I then progressively changed to a more digital based portfolio to represent digital media. The main story begins with a phone boot transitioning into the art pieces that tell the perspectives from both the user and social media itself. The pieces explore various emotions such as a feeling drained, hedonistic joy, and loneliness; all closely related to social media through both 2D and 3D perspectives with intermittent typography. Fixation uses typography to warn the viewer and then 2D/3D elements to propel the story of fixation with a one-point tunnel perspective. My investigation ends with a some-what more self-aware user posting on social media about the artwork they just saw. A sort of irony that even when given all this information our subconscious has been significantly wired that we proceed to send this message through social media rather than verbal communication, an unbreakable habit.
Abstract Emotions
Material(s): I used a mirror, adobe illustrator, and photoshop alongside LED light sticks for natural colors.
Process(es): Mirror was used for emotional reflection and then photograph was super imposed vector illustrations.
Material(s): I used a self-potrait, photoshop, and light. Photoshop I used masks and pixelated filters.
Process(es): To embody yourself into social media I used photoshop to resize myself and black out the scene.
Material(s): Adobe Illustrator is used for its vector and raster features like gaussian blurs for shadows
Process(es): Skeuomorphism merges raster and vector to transition from reality into digital with a familiar UI
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators clipping masks were used to illuminate the scene
Process(es): The idea of life and communication was shown through the color coming from phone screens
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators 3D was combined with gradients and curves to create light and 3D objects
Process(es): To mix reality and digital realm lighting was applied to various locations onto the subjects
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators 3D elements were used for the phone and various tools to create the shadows
Process(es): To mimic the movement and fluid nature of water a blending tool was applied to the text
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators 3D was used to create the foreshortening 3D keys
Process(es): To emphasize the soulless behind-the-scenes process the UI was abstract-ified
Broken Path
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators 3D elements were used to build the scene and overlay 3D graphic elements
Process(es): Various heights are chosen to show the resistance to actually achieve happiness which is unstable
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators perspective tools are used for the rails
Process(es): A one-point perspective emphasizes the tunnel vision idea with the entrance being warning signs
Material(s): I utilized Adobe Illustrators symbol feature to organically duplicate the hearts
Process(es): A trashcan symbol with numerous hearts is meant to emphasize the emptiness of the hedonistic joy
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators 3D tools were used in conjunction with Photoshop for reflections and shadows
Process(es): 3D was chosen to emphasize the invasion of the digital world and the connection it has to reality
Material(s): Using blend modes and boolean shapes I created the array of people.
Process(es): To mimic the generic impersonal nature of social media I used the blend mode to create an array.
Material(s): Adobe Illustrator was used to layout manipulate the typography and then procreate added texture
Process(es): The concept of our brain being wired to social media I used common words for the brains path
Hooked on a Feelin'
Material(s): Adobe Illustrator was used alongside its 3D elements to create the phone and bold colors
Process(es): Keeping a warm palette allows for eeriness and reduced to abstract symbolism to underline essence
Final Post
Material(s): Adobe Illustrators raster and clipping masks were used to emulate the real experience of a phone
Process(es): To drive home the 4th wall experience I wanted to include elements from all my previous pieces.
Social Media Poster Series
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Brice Brown

Social Media Poster Series

Throughout my pieces I revealed the obscure and subconscious side-effects of social media. With this being said, I chose to use a digital medium Read More