Euclide Join Simplicity® software can help you to simplify Facility, Assets, Helpdesk and Maintenance management. All-in-one interface to connect and discover Technological Assets, IT Devices, SCADA system.
Euclide organize your assets, analyze IT network and Datacenter with interactive view of alerts and maps.
Client: WorkTeam
Produced: Controcampo Produzioni
Project Manager: Pierandrea Gagliardi
Art Director: Samuele Gottardello
Illustration: Lucio Schiavon
Motion Graphics: Samuele Gottardello, Matteo Reato, Beniamino Fenzi
Music: Beniamino Fenzi
Sound Design: Samuele Gottardello
artboard by Lucio Schiavon
artboard by Lucio Schiavon