La Jolie Fille

The Client

La Jolie Fille is a makeup line, which imparts its brand identity to things that are "vintage".

Yes, vintage. For them, make up is something that has been around for a long time. Starting from there, La Jolie Fille wants to bring its products and brands to all women out there to remember the history of make-up from the past.

The Objective

La Jolie Fille wants to make a packaging design for make up itself and wants to create a new design for its shopping bag.

Along with unique new designs and makeup containing quality ingredients, La Jolie Fille wants to expand its product range.

La Jolie Fille hopes to be the only makeup line that makes history in the hearts of every woman by keeping in mind that this product is an exclusive product and, of course, vintage.

The Solution

In making this project, we are very, very happy. We did a lot of research, and also did some design trials.
We wanted to bring this vintage style very well considering that makeup has been around since time immemorial.

We want to make women proud and delighted with this vintage design, because after all, they are women who have the behavior of buying a product with a cute and unique packaging design.

After all, who is a woman who doesn't like makeup? Moreover, supported by a unique and new design.
La Jolie Fille