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    My graduation project M.U.F.F.A. Graphic Design Department
First held in 1997 and subsequently organized in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2010, the International Student Triennial has the distinction being Turkey’s first student triennial. Organized with the participation of faculties of fine arts and design from Turkey, along with many art and design schools from all around the world, the triennial forms an extensive network of interaction for students preparing for the international arts and design stage while providing valuable clues as well.
Organized during the tenure of Dean Prof. Erol Eti in 1997, the first triennial hosted 18 institiutions from 11 countries and was held in what is currently National Palaces Storage Museum. The second and thrid triennial were held during the tenure of Dean Prof. Hüsamettin Koçan. As the number of participants increased, the events were also epanded to Valide-i Atik complex, which is the final masterpiece of Sinan the Architect. The triennials of 2006 and 2010 were hel during the tenure of Dean Prof. Nazan Erkmen, with 2010 triennial being held in conjunction with 2010 Istanbul World Capital of Culture events. At this stage, participation reached to 82 institutions from 41 countries. The sixth instalment of the trienale will be held during the tenure of Dean Prof. Dr. Inci Deniz Ilgin, in 2013. Prior to the main event that will be held in June, the triennial consists of an efficient and dynamic workshop that extends throughout the year.
Bringing together hundreds of students from all around the world, the triennial possesses an important in tetms of comparison of methods of art and design education. Triennial aims for students’ self-positioning through symposium statements, exhibitions, workshops and films along with mutual sharing, interaction and questioning on an international basis, helping students observe themselves in different perspectives.
With this event that was first initiated by Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts 15 years ago, the goal is the strenghtening of comunications and friendship amongst international institutions of art and design education and preparing of a platform for the prospective young artists and designers.
The framework of the Triennial has the distinction of being a first in terms creating a platform for creativity towards a wide array of new and alternative languages of production.
While students from various art and design schools with different educational methods converge, educators from these institutions also contribute to the triennial. Triennial is a participatory act of cooperation that transforms individual experiences into true spheres of communication amongst the instituitions who answered our call. However, no communicative technology is as effective as vis-a-vis conveyance of ideas. Artists and designers who contribute to the inception of a universal language between cultures will be meeting once again in 2013, in İstanbul, which has embraced different cultures throughout its history.
Connecting The Dots 
The 6th International Student Triennial, with the title Connecting the Dots / Noktaları Birleştirelim, aims to rethink art / design and its education, to contemplate on the established discourses, to discuss the future of art / design and it’s education, and to highlight different approaches by gathering scholars of various disciplines from around the world.
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