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    Detailed 3d model of a bank vault door and frame. Created in 3ds max 2009 by Simon Pestridge.
Detailed 3D model of a Vault Door
by Simon Pestridge
 There have been various design configurations of these vault doors, spanning many decades. The reference design can be spotted in countless TV episodes, and movies, and some are still in use today. The model is built up of 30 objects. Each separate object has been sculpted in detail, and smaller details like rivets, bolts, screws and fixtures that do not need to be animated are sculpted from larger objects, not attached elements or linked objects, so lots of detailed work. All 30 objects are closed edge meshes, and like all my high detail models, are sculpted so that subdivision can be applied without loss of form, using optimised face counts, and checked carefully for errors. These old vault doors came in various configurations so some objects have been left separate so that the various configurations can be made, and all pivot points have been set up correctly for animation. I decided to add some extra features that are not found in the older reference designs, such as shaft holes for the locking pins on the rear inner doorframe, and a foot platform with grips. I completed the model in March 2009 in approx 8 days in my spare time using 3ds max 2009.