Tattoos are a big part of many people's lives,
either when they are done just to decorate a part of the body 
or when they have an extra role, like keeping a memory alive or saying something that can't be said in words.

This projects sees them as a way to keep track of your life.
There are three models with a full body cover, with several connections between them
and tattoos depicting some aspects of their lives.
The typography writes "Interesting Pasts" emphasizing all the above.

Design by Dylsectic
(not all tattoos are originally my illustrations)
Special thanks to Giannos Dimou, George Strouzas,
Christos Zafeiriadis & Tind for the help (each one on a layer)
3x  50x70 cm 
1 color & coloured varnish print
There are 57 variations of the poster in total.

Original edition (Blue-Red) :   36 pieces of each
2nd edition (Blue-Yellow) :   10 pieces of each
3rd edition (Blue-Fluo blue) :   10 pieces of each
4th edition (All colours on 6 different coloured papers) :   1 or 2 pieces of each only

You can check all the variations here

Available to buy here