Larry A. Russell, Eroica, CEO says...Antoine Christopher Smith, "the talented and highly motivated young musician/composer/percussionist and singer, is a "phenom." This gifted, now 18-year-old has has talent, ideas, and musical gifts far beyond his years.

Unreleased Track: "City In The Sea" by AntoineSmithNonimation for The Peoples Music Awards, 2010 & 2011.
BMI, Inc.
Late 2000‘s, Smith entered in several songwriting contests: In 2011 UK’s Top 5 Finalists in The Peoples Music Awards (TPMA), Best Male Solo Artist & Dance/Electronica for his unreleased track “City In The Sea.” In 2010 UK’s Top 5 Finalists, Best Male Solo Artist for his track, “Mythical” in TPMA.” Hayden Bendall: Producer/Mixer/Engineer (worked w/ stars…Kate Bush, Katie Melula, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Tori Amos, and many more) says…”City In The Sea”…”Interesting from the beginning! Loved it.”
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Track: "In The Spotlight" by Antoine Smithcd, WALLFLOWER
Antoine Smith Jazz Discography 2 (2007-2010)
Song, "Slow It Down" by Antoine Smith on jazz CD, MYTHICAL. BMI, Inc.
Me in a pony-tail (sections: mid & end performing @ Peabody's Down Under Club.