1MILLION Dance Studio Website

1MILLION Dance Website Redesign

1MILLION Dance Studio is a world-renowned dance studio based in Seoul, South Korea. Following the rebranding and visual identity work they did with TUX, the studio wanted to develop a completely new website that would immerse visitors into their deeply creative world and serve as a user-friendly booking platform for classes.

TUX opted to build a bold, clean, entertaining site that infused the unique energy that dancers feel when they walk into the 1MILLION studio; a dynamic space that is home to many celebrity choreographers, but created to ensure every dancer could join in and simply have fun. 

Expressive Art Direction

Our goal was to highlight the key elements that make 1MILLION Dance Studio so unique. We chose to celebrate the studio’s passion for dance with eye-catching videos of instructors and dancers in rehearsal. The website experience is complemented with fun animated dancing characters, which were inspired by the founders’ belief that dancing is always better when you don’t take yourself too seriously.

A Simplified User Experience

Tux took a design approach that blended pragmatic elements (such as scheduling, booking and boutique transactions) in a way that complements as opposed to breaks the experience. Booking a class, for example, is a simple one-click step that takes under a minute to complete.

1MILLION Dance Studio Website