The Wedding of Crystal & Jacob
Wedding Invitations and Programs
This project was for the wedding of my dearest older sister, Crystal. There are many special elements that are unique to the couple. Crystal being in the field of Architecture worked together with Jacob to design a stamp unique to both of the fields of work. The aged charm of hand stamped elements really made this invitation unique and different from your average wedding invite. It's designed to really show off different attributes of the couple. Classy, elegant, romantic, vibrant, timeless, innovative, beautiful and useful! The copy in the programs was written like a stage-script in a play, 'the bride's fair maidens will now enter through the nut trees,' romance was the theme of the copy. The programs were designed as fans and thank goodness because the wedding just so happened to be on the hottest day of the year! The guests were very thankful to have a 'well thought out' program.