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Vaccination Centre

Redesigning the International Vaccination Centre of Budapest

The Client

The International Vaccination Centre of Budapest has been known for years as the go-to place for vaccination before a business trip or vacation. During the 2020 pandemic they had to restructure their services.

The challenge

When starting the project there were no signs of a pandemic, and no one thought COVID-19 would break out. Our initial task was to make it easier for customers to book appointments for vaccinations before trips. Later on the project scope changed.

Our solution

We built a new phone assistant app to help customers in booking their appointments. We updated brand appearance with a new logo and updated brand colors. We redesigned the entrance to their vaccination point. We restructured the website and fine-tuned the online booking platform. We created COVID-19-specific landing pages and campaigns.


The central part of the brand is the logo: IVC already had a well-established logo, so we made only small adjustments to make it work in all sizes. We reduced the number of horizontal lines, and lifted the cross symbol to the outside of the circle. We used an 8px grid to make it legible in both big and small sizes. We updated the colors to keep the online and offline materials consistent.

Booking call assistant

We redesigned the flow of the call assistant, to reduce the clutter on phone bookings. We managed to cut the time needed to book on phone in half. For prototyping and fast iteration we used Webflow. 

UX design

Based on analytics, the amount of mobile users prevailed, so we chose to start mobile first. After the stakeholder and employee interviews we set the project priorities. We designed the user journey on a very low-fidelity prototype to define the site structures and layers.

The redesigned booking flow is completely in sync with their system, and it's easier to understand for visitors and customers. We also restructured the infection and travel destination database and introduced smart article suggestions for better usability.

Check out the prototype below – You can zoom in, and scroll inside the embed Figma file.

UI design

Well... It's a scary topic. No one likes to see deadly viruses floating around their computer screen. Our approach was to make the website delightful and friendly. We shifted the theme of the interface from viruses to vacations. We designed an overall more playful environment for this frightening content.


We created several illustrations as part of our visual design system. This helped us in shifting the focus from diseases to vacations.

Pause because of COVID-19

We pressed the pause button on frontend development because of the pandemic and the COVID-19 situation. The visual parts of our designs are still waiting to be released.


Art directorZoltán Beke
UX and VOI research and design — Viktor Suszter
Designers — Viktor Suszter, Daniel Pucz

Illustrations — Gábor André
Project management — László Schelhammer


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Nemzeti oltóközpont - UX/UI design