Common - Finding Forever
CD Album Re-Design
My third project in Digital Design 2 (Humber College). The assignment was to take an already existing music album of an artist/band of your choice. I had original plans to do a Kanye West album or The Fray or even Nujabes. But, I decided to choose this specific album, Finding Forever by Common which is an incredible album. Listened to it numerous times. However, the cover art didn't really grab me; it didn't define the album to me at all. So from there, I had to listen to the album over again and again to really feel what the lyrics were about and the tone of the beats. Eventually it resulted into this after a few weeks of work. This was probably the most interesting project to work on and a stretch from what we usually do in the course. I'm excited for more creative projects like this in the future.
Cover Art
Cover Art (Outside) and Artwork (Inside)
Reference Image (Back Artwork):
Booklet underneath CD reads "Common Good is Forever" and inside contains the lyrics to every song on the album.
Back of CD Case containing track list and a clipping of the artwork found on the inside of the jewel case.
Inside of the jewel case. This artwork can be seen through the cd tray.