South African Tourism - Sho't Left relaunch
South African domestic tourism has declined drastically in the last few years, the reasons are many and vary greatly. One of the most striking insights was that South African's don't know what their own country holds in regards to experience and beauty. How can we make South African's see that their country is just as, if not more, amazing than any other.

We created ten TV spots to showcase the country, using a well-known influencer and his latest music track to increase awareness. 
The road trip themed videos featured the main influencer and his friends in a snapshot experience of a certain province in South Africa. Complimented by a radio competition where listeners could join the influencer on a road trip, news about the campaign spread fast.

As a second phase we introduced a new website with localised deals and a Quiz that profiled you as a certain type of traveller. We then remarketed relevant deals according to the users quiz result via facebook and email.

This campaign was hugely successful with a overall increase of 22% in local tourism and...the campaign is still running after 3 years!

Phase 2 Website and Quiz
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