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    This is an progress project showing how I do my work while making a promo piece for a story I've created.
I'm working on a promo piece for a story that I've written and created a dummy book for. All that is left is creating a promo piece to send out for publishers and see if anyone will pick it up. At the same time I wanted to show how I create my pieces. Simply put I layer chipboard to create an image and paint over it. And that's putting it simply. I do a lot of planning of how many layers should go into a piece, what can be on the same layer, decide if its too many layers or not enough, and than after its cut, I still do some editing and may not use entire layers because the image got too congested. So while showing a work in progress, I'm showing how this can be done as well.
I like to plan but unfortunately its not always organized.
Mini-color sketch of what I would like my final piece to have in the way of color.
A quick value sketch to get an idea where its supposed to be light and supposed to be dark.
And the night sky is slowly being painted in.
Sketch ideas of how I could go about creating my night sky without it just being flat black with white dots.
Front of the postcard.
Back of postcard.