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    This is a redesign of an existing apartment. The floorplan is optimised for a better usage of the space and the interior is optimised for maximum… Read More
    This is a redesign of an existing apartment. The floorplan is optimised for a better usage of the space and the interior is optimised for maximum storage and minimun clutter! Read Less
Apartment Noorderhavenkade - Rotterdam
This apartment had a floorplan that could use some improvement and so i used my architectural skills to think of a better layout and improve the flow within the apartment. Optimising and expanding the function spaces in the appartment was my target. This is the result of a hard day work.
New vs. Old + Top-view
On the left you can see the optimised floorplan. I removed the hallway, because it took to much useless space and replaced it with expanding the bathroom and a seperate toilet. The old version had the kitchen near the balcony and it was quite small. The bedroom is still at the back with a dividing wall seperating it with the kitchen / livingroom. Also i present the top-view which is decorated with furniture. The following images will present the perspective per room. 
Livingroom / Kitchen
I am a freelance designer and work mostly from home and i don't like the real seperate office principle. This is why i choose a big table that has the function of a diningtable as well as a desk. The bench near the wall fits underneath so that the table can be moved against the wall and you got the ideal foot-bench! When you got guest you take the table from the wall and you have a dining table for 6. Pillows will be added to improve the seats.
New York is one of the most inspiring cities for me. It made a huge impression and i believe it will be inspiring. There is no better view that the absurd and beautiful skyline of New York (except the skyline of Rotterdam of course). I tried to place a lot of storage places over the whole appartment from high cabinets to a low bench/box underneath the windows. You can never have to much storage spaces. For dividing the room i have chosen a sliding door with tinted glass. This way the light from both sides comes through, but keeping the possibilty for privacy during changing clothes or whatever. 
Walk-in washroom/closet
Connected to the bedroom and the balcony i created a kind of walk-in closet where the wasmachine and dryer are located as well. Above there is a table which provide the perfect ironing place. A dry rack hangs on the wall and can be pulled out when necassary.
The seperated toilet / Hallway
The hallway is not much, but it does what it has to do. The seperated toilet on the right and on the left a rack to hang you coats and a storage for shoes. Between the frontdoor and the toilet there is the electical installation which fits exactly between.
The Bathroom
The bathroom has a shower in the back and next to that a large closet. The view showes a double sink with a big mirror. Off course the wooden back of the space makes it connected to the other spaces in the apartment.
And by the way it is almost all Ikea furniture
Thank you for your view and appreciation!