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Tricise – Helping Tricise become the No.1 value-added distributor of Broadcom's software solutions

The Client

Tricise is a top three value-added distributor of the complete software portfolio of Broadcom. Value-added, meaning they enhance the third-party products by adding their own services and features, for resale to end-users. Broadcom offers a broad range of high-quality software products across all industries, notably: banking, assurance, telco, retail, and public administration.

The challenge

Tricise is a company of three: APTA Solutions, Capture, and Ignite Technology. A big part of this challenge was to show their unity on the new website.
Improving search ranking and increasing their online visibility was also a priority for Tricise.

Our solution

We designed a new, well-rounded website that unifies the subsidiaries by taking elements from each of them and creating a coherent design. We gave it a modern look with a purpose to establish trust and a long-term relationship with both Tricise's direct customers and their committed T2 partners. To build and maintain that trust, the design had to display the professionalism, precision and high quality that Tricise is known for.

Visuals & Interface design

Creating the brand

We aimed for the Tricise brand to be associated with excellence in the fields of Automation, Agile and Project Portfolio Management, and Mainframe.


Branding concept

The name Tricise is made up of two parts: 'tri' as in three, and 'precise'. The new website had to live up to the values that the name symbolizes.
Tricise asked us to keep their logo as it is, unless we have strong design reasons to change it. And of course we had. Trinity is a key component of the brand concept and we had to represent that in the new logo. We took the three-dot component from the old logo, the dots representing the three companies. We didn't move away completely from the original: we respected the client's wishes, but elevated the brand at the same time.

Building the product

UI fundamentals

During the design process, we relied on Broadcom and Capture as a guide, because any visitor of should get the instant impression that Tricise is connected to Broadcom and is a trusted distributor of their services. The visuals seamlessly fit in Broadcom’s online presence.
We used black backgrounds to achieve a more elegant look.
We always have to consider which parts of which pages will be editable by our client. This leads to having to make some sacrifices by simplifying pages.

In terms of website structure Capture was a guide since they roughly have the same functionalities. This made some of our decisions easier, because we already had a design that was tailored to the client's needs.
We used colors to differentiate between 'custom' pages, category pages and subpages, which helps navigation through the website. Custom pages, the highest in hierarchy (for example the Home or About page), have black background. Category pages, that group similar themed pages together (for example the News page), have medium grey background. Subpages, the lowest in hierarchy (for example an article or event), have white background.

Tricise has 16 offices in 9 countries on 2 continents. 16 offices was too many to display, so we came up with a dynamic map solution. Whenever the user hovers their mouse over a map marker, the dynamic sidebar will scroll to the corresponding card. It works both ways, so when the user scrolls through the cards, the selected office's map marker will light up.


Something that the old Tricise website was missing was a comprehensive explanation of Broadcom's services. We created the Infinity Chart as a visual representation.

Kudos from Tricise

Melkweg prepared a fully functioning, complex site from scratch – within a course of a few months. Their professionalism, flexibility and attitude made the otherwise complicated project easy, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Manuel Martinez - Managing Director

Lead designer — Dániel Pucz 
Designers — Beatrix Bodó, Áron Bodnár 
Development — Péter Pataki, Andreas Georgopulos
Project management — Benjámin Paizs, László Schelhammer

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