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Dust of Time

3D Art
D   U   S   T         O   F       T  I  M  E 


A Surreal Story about Human Being
Inspired by Chess game

The Balance of Fate - The King

This illustration speaks of balance. It’s a hymn to those who leave their position of stability to fight, to goal, to save, all this to achieve the right balance. In any situation an extreme leads to conflicts that cause victims and potentially dramatic consequences. Also, this image generally represents the human being in all its aspects, both positive and negative. At the center of the king there is a strong light, that is life, hope and everything that makes us human for better or for worse.

The Golden Firmness - The Queen

This illustration is about the importance of power and control. It’s very easy to fall into the obsession with the search for these great universal powers and it’s just as easy to be blinded by selfish and distorted ideals. It’s easy to remain in one's own comfort and ease, filling oneself with material desires that never end. This is a criticism of the extreme and vain pomp, which should solve concrete problems and organize life in the best possible way but, in its fiction, it remains seated indifferent.

The Keeper of the Righteous - The Rook

This illustration is a hymn to those who have the courage to fight with extreme determination for a great and right cause, despite being hindered by economic or social factors. This image represents the fact that appearance often deceives and that a keeper, a protector is such mainly thanks to his mind and not so much thanks to the body. Cunning, perseverance and faith are the solid stones that nourish future visions and protect basic ideas.

Explicit Manipulator - The Bishop

This illustration is about corruption and the fiction behind a symbol, an object, a smile. It’s a criticism of the fact that there are many situations in which inhuman and horrible operations are disguised using symbols of good or representing the exact opposite, shamelessly lying, but also to the fact that there are situations in which the double perverse message is explicit and despite this it doesn’t create problems. This image also represents the power of a symbol and the power of the one who carries it.

Naive Loyalty - The Knight

This illustration is about those who carry out values of loyalty, purity, kindness, and justice. I represented the horse as the champion of good but at the same time it represents the one who is naive and is deceived by evil. This scene is a criticism of the fact that many can’t open their eyes despite having hidden potential and thanks to this they scare those who are more astute, but it’s also a hymn to those who resist and who cherish hope in a declining world.

The Great Rotten Wood - The Pawn

This illustration concerns the attempt to reach the illusion of luxury by criticizing the situations in which one doesn’t act to change one's economic situation but one complains only in the hope that by magic things will improve. It’s also a criticism of the fact that nowadays many want to look "rich" or show others that they have expensive objects even if in reality their situation is quite different. To earn something with respect you have to sweat and fight, search and experiment.

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Dust of Time


Dust of Time