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    Some Voodoo based t-shirt designs.
I was commissioned by a New Orleans based company to create some t-shirt designs that celebrate the unique form of Voodoo that exists in Louisiana.  Having studied Voodoo/Vodun a bit in college I was surprised to discover that the Voodoo practiced in Louisana differed from the more widely known version found throughout the Carribean.  Doing the research for these designs was half the fun in creating them.  I tried to pack as many location specific details into both pieces as possible.  See how many you can spot.
The first design is called 'Voodoo Queen' and is meant to depict the Voodoo Queens found in New Orleans in a playing card/tarot card style.
The second design is callled 'Voodoo Republic' and is meant to be a rif on the popular 'California Republic' flag design.