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Naming + Logo + Brand Identity

For a new brand to be born, it needs a unique name and a strong visual identity.
We proposed the name “Svelta” so women can be confident with just one piece of clothing: the Svelta jumpsuits.

For the visual we appropriated the language of big brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, using the initials SV for the logo.

The Svelta visual system was designed to bring a high standard experience to women who are already confident or want to be more confident with what she’s wearing.

Attractive, elegant and sophisticated, the brand stands out and bring the perception of a large company,
even though it is still so young.

With a well-crafted visual language, Svelta has generated confidence in the online market since 2019.

This enabled its rapid growth and the increase of their sales price.
And consequently its profitability.

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