We all spend more and more time on social networks, replacing real communications with virtual. We know nothing about the existence of associates with the same interests all around us. Most people are afraid to take the first step and meet a stranger in reality.
T-Mobile tells us that life's for sharing. So we could literally prove that by creating a new device for people connection and sharing – Hi-Five Friend Finder. 

• Via the device people register in the application, link their accounts with social networks;
• The ring analyzes data of other owners, based on interests and location;
• When person of potential interest shows up, the ring vibrates and informs us. The same thing happens with the other person.
For example, you are going down the street and meet a girl or a guy. The application determines that you were on the same concert this summer, watched the same movie, that you both are designers...The ring reacts to these data and gives a signal (vibration, light, sound etc), when you are near each other. To exchange their contacts people give each other a high-five.

Public transport , parks , streets, cinemas, shops etc.