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We are proud to share our newest collaboration.
Today we present you the young and energetic electronics brand: 
c-trino - DIY made juicy  is the result of one of our collaborations at the LX Reactor - Co-Organized with Hackerschool - Lisbon's first Tech and Design summercamp where we mixed design and tech students for the development of innovative products / experiences / interfaces. 
Our goal as Strategic Design Studio was to create collaborative environments where students form both areas could share methodologies, understand the value of cross collaborations and understand the value of design as a strategic tool that can empower brands, products or entrepreneurial dreams.
We were happy to collaborate with two very talented students and we took on the challenge to build up a new brand together.
Today we are proud to share the pre-launch of c-trino's first product at www.c-trino.com
Prototyping and testing first concepts
Ideation and collaboration
Ideation and collaboration
First prototypes in our hands! DIY Made Juicy becomes real.
What is c-trino?
c-trino is a brand of expansions for Arduino®, compatible with any other I2C capable device (like Raspberry-Pi). Created by the two Electrical and Computer Engineering students, at Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon, Rodrigo Capeleiro and Pedro Roque, in collaboration with Designer Pedro Gomes, we are a multidisciplinary team that aims to deliver unique and innovative products!
c-trino Genesis:
c-trino started out as an idea to build a new Arduino®-like board together with Hackerschool. We soon realised that our goal was not to reinvent the wheel. So, we decided to deliver something new, different and better!
The dream evolved and C-Trino came to life.
The brand product consists of a series of boards that go from analog expansion, to I/O expansion, PWM and range extenders.
Our main goal is to provide virtually all the I/O pins you may ever need, which can be anywhere up to a certain radius, and let you treat as if they were actually inside the Arduino board!
Let two words define c-trino: simplicity and versatility.
The Future?!
Well, it´s not hard to think in applications for this, is it? We can apply c-trino to everything that goes from home-automation, to car parking assistance, surveillance... In the end, you can use it almost in any DIY Project! Juicy, uh?
So, what I Buy is What I Get?
Short answer: No. You get even more! All source code of every board, alongside with its schematics, will be open source so you can adapt it to your own projects or reconfigure its purpose. Community is Upper-case in our goals!
Stay tuned for a lot more news, our brand website and new products.
c-trino team.