A study assignment commissioned by the city of Rotterdam.
The Blaak - West Blaak in Rotterdam is a high potential city street, located in the city centre. Designed after the WW2 bombing of the city in 1940, the street was primarily designed for cars and traffic. Nowadays this car-orientated design in a city centre, creates a dysfunctional public space and forms a barrier for pedestrians.
By downgrading the roads, and upgrading the public space, we give back the city to the pedestrian.
Presentation poster
Axo graphics
1 Building strategy 
2 Sustainablity
3 Infrastructure
4 Publicspace
Design for the new metrostation 'Beurs Centraal' and bringing back the nature to the city
Making a more balanced urban layout
Aero view
Upgrading a trafic tunnel to public space
Selected as winning project by the jury represented by the City of Rotterdam!
Urban redesign, Rotterdam Blaak-Westblaak