Stella Swan Re-brand
As part of my Tafe course, one of my assignments was to re-brand a bad logo and follow through with the necessary applications to best suit the brand. I chose my mums freelance counselling business. I have made slight ultrations since completing this in the sense of adding ABN and Registeration numbers to application which have to be shown for legal business reasons (one of the biggest lessons I learnt from this assignment.. to make sure you know absolutely every detail about the brand and what needs to be included before you start anything!)

The Brand Explained
Stella Swan Counselling has been developed from a combination of tradional and present values of Stella as a Counsellor and as an individual. Stella’s core beliefs and values are what it means for her to be a counsellor.
The resulting design reflects the meaning of journey, trust, heal and mind through the formation of shapes and crafted letterforms. Through the studying of symbolism from the Adinkra culture, words that best convey Stella’s Counselling were the basis of the designs developement.
Cooperation, independence, trust, connection, balance, community, journey, together, develop, beginning, help, heal, open, emotion, mind, infinity, compassion, kindness, empathy and problem solving are a number of words that reflect Stella’s Counselling.
Symbolism best encapsulates what Stella is trying to convey through her Counselling which is relationship, strength, open communication and connection. Through intentional shape formation and a combination of elements the final result portrays a trusting, visual and dynamic interpretation of Stella Swan Counselling as a symbolic icon of a dragonfly which presents the nature of Stella Swan Counselling through growth, defeat of self created illusions and the opening of ones eyes. Whilst visually representing opening the seed of a flower.

The contrasts of the two concepts establish the idea that the circle represents complete, wholeness and new beginnings whilst supporting many symbolic references of the Adinkra culture while representing a strong individual focus. The design is complimented with a font family of regular and thin, however remaining legible and adds a unique quality to the visual langauge developed in the proposed brand.
The contrast of two type styles reflects the diverse depth of emotion through strength and stability of Stella as a counsellor. As well as the unconditional positive regard and genuine authenticity stance she has towards her clients. Orange has shown to have positive affects on an individuals emotional state and relieves feelings of self-pity, lack of self-worth and unwillingness to forgive. Orange opens emotions and is a terrific antidepressant. The use of this colour in the design accurately reflects Stella’s intentions as a counsellor.  Interesting application can be created through print and electronic media using both concepts to portray the journey of an individual.
Lyndsey Swan

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