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Eurazia Restaurant Logo & Brand Identity
Eurazia Restaurant 
Logo & Brand Identity
Eurasia is a restaurant and a delivery service operating in Astrakhan, Russia. Specializes in European and Asian cuisine. Main advantages of the company — natural and fresh ingredients, with no imitations or additives. Currently Eurasia has no competitors in Astrakhan.

Main barrier for their potential customers is the price. They don't want to pay more if they can get something for cheaper price in the other restaurant. And Eurasia didn't translate to their potential customers that the quality of their cuisine is higher. 

The task was to create a new logo and identity, which will help to raise the public perception and to sell their services at a higher price.

We designed a logo that looks expensive and adds a certain premium feeling to the brand. The new design is well-suited for social media. 

When designing a logo we were inspired by the Moon and the Sun, which symbolize two cultures — the rising sun of the East, and the sunset of the West.

The packaging designs was spit in two types — for Asian and European cuisine. Eastern patterns were used on wok boxes, Western — on burger and pizza boxes.

For the plastic bags we went for a simpler design, using only the logo itself. This solution allows for the packaging to be seen through transparent bags, complementing their design as well. Besides, this option was the most efficient cost-wise. 

We picked out the right packaging materials and supervised the production.
For the menu we incorporated the same division through patterns, but also added the color scheme. Pink for Asia, blue for Europe.

Me mixed compositional artistic pages with lists to make the menu feel diverse without adding more to it.

Website, Instagram

Renovated the Instagram account

Facade sign designed.
Pavel Karasev, producer
Konstantin Faraktinov, art-director
​​​​​​​Olga Starkova, designer
Vitaly Savenkov, icon designer
Ruslan Kuzmichev, programmer
ParaType, font
Arman Tischenko, owner
Ekaterina Tischenko, client

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Eurazia Restaurant Logo & Brand Identity

Eurazia Restaurant Logo & Brand Identity