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    Magazine made for college project, made just for fun
This was a project I made for college as you could see, its a magazine, they asked us to do a 20 - page in spanish, since I live in Colombia, since I love aviation I decided it would be a spanish version of Qatar Airways´ in-flight magazine, Oryx, and as you could also see, the images above are kind of like the "work in progress" but the final product I made would be these screenshots of my flash document which are below this text (sorry but I don´t know how to upload any flash or html document, if anyone could help me that would be great) thanks for watching!
Needless to say, you could see that the magazine cover was based on the original magazine, as well as the welcome page (Bienvenido ,pg 4) as well as the airplane fleet and contact center has its original data (pg 16- 20),  but that was my point since I wanted to make my magazine as real as possible.
This is a "fake" november 2013 edition of Oryx Magazine