Dueling Keeps Remake
This is the result of my learning of UDK Editor for few months (after hours :)). I came up with an idea that it would be cool to re-create Quake map in modern engine like Unreal (might be a funny fact for somebody  that Quake and Unreal Tournament are competitors for each other :) ).

My very last choice after rejecting lots of great maps was arena called Dueling Keeps.

(Whole level is based on assets from Unreal Tournament delivered with UDK Editor)
Screen of original Dueling Keeps from Quake Live. Area between bases.
It is very simple Capture-the-Flag map, with two bases (screens below) and area between them (screen above). 
Blue base.
Red Base
Remake is of course based on the same principle - two bases and area between them.

..and here is how it looks like!
Main idea was to create open-air area between bases in some kind of ancient aztec-like style. So we have here big blocky monuments surrounded with trees, rocks/mountains, plenty of random vegetation (grass/flowers) and stone, stone and stone again :). Also fog helps to keep the mood. :)
On the other hand, inside the bases we have mix of ancient-blocks-monuments-stuff with technology, modern-cave :)
(Batman style).
I want to attract players to important places (ex. Flag Base) - this part of level is significantly distinguished from the rest.
Also want to add some more story to level so behind that door (in both bases)...
...we have main base/headquaters of team. Of course player cant reach it during gameplay.
I have arranged all of weapons and power-ups (equivalents) simirarly to original map from Quake.
Also added some for ex. static meshes (rocks in water on screen below) that are supposed to speed up the gameplay. I dont want to create exact copy.
Main part of blue base. Particles, static meshes, lights, sounds - mood creators :).
Of course AI paths are included, so player can face bots on godlike level :).
You can download and test it yourself, leave your thoughts and hit apreciation if you liked it :). 
- UDK Editor
- SpeedTree 5.0 Modeler
This build is created in window mode (not full hd) so every hardware can handle it. But low resolution does not interfere during gameplay.
Hope you enjoy it.

Quick guide how to set up play (sorry, I dont know everything on UDK yet):
after install, choose 'Gametype' as capture the flag, then pick DuelingKeepsRemake 'Map' and if you want - change difficulty of bots in 'Setings' (for godlike, it's a challange :))
Dueling Keeps Remake

Dueling Keeps Remake

Remake of Quake III: Arena map Dueling Keeps in Unreal Engine


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