Falmouth 2011 Textiles Catalogue
Type and Editorial project
The brief required me to design the end of year catalogue for the textile students studying at the Falmouth College of Arts. They asked for a simple, cost effective design which would easily show off their work but also reflect the values and personality of the textile course.

With a budget of £2500 for 500 catalogues to be printed and bound - they required the catalogue to have an attractive cover to make it stand out from other univeristy catalogues. It was up to me to design the layout of the spreads inside the catalogue considering grid systems, type, colour and white space.

The cover was handcut for the mock up shown, but if it was put into production it would be die cut. As asked, the cover reflects the personality of the course - a loud bunch of students with plenty to shout about (reflected in the bright neon green colour) - The die cut cover design is small and delicate to signify the close knit group of people taking the textile course. When you open the book, the sunlight shines through the die cut revealing shadows onto the green page beneat
The spreads are very simple and clear to show off the students work - the left full bleed page does not overpower the whole spread, the white space and layout of the type works well with the large image.

The smaller image is either another piece of work by the student, or a zoomed in shot of the piece shown in the full bleed image. Each student wrote a short statement about the work shown. Page numbers are designed to be just above the users thumb while flicking through the catalogue to allow the user to navigate through it easily.