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    Poster design for Irina Brook's new play, "Pan", at Théâtre de Paris
PAN - Irina Brook - Théâtre de Paris
I have the great pleasure to present you the poster I've designed for Irina Brook's new play, at Théâtre de Paris. It took me some weeks to complete it and was a great and interesting challenge. The island is a complete small-scale model constructed for real.

I was really happy to work with Irina Brook. She's one of my favourite theatre directors and a wonderful person as well. She was quite enthusiastic while I was working on it, which also helped me!

Note: This version of the poster doesn't show the full credits and sponsors logos.

//// FRANCAIS ////
J'ai l'immense plaisir de vous présenter l'affiche que j'ai réalisée pour la nouvelle création d'Irina Brook qui sera jouée en mai au Théâtre de Paris. C'est un travail passionnant qui m'a occupé ces dernières semaines, en particulière avec la construction d'un modèle réduit de l'île.

Information: www.theatredeparis.com

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