Mysterious Mistress
Arisen from her couch
Taunting my Darkness
Lighting up the night
Oh wanton Moon
You're welcome.
But Hallow'een
Has gone...
An eyot or ait is a small island in a flowing river.
Created by the dropping of sediment in still waters it evolves at a speed relative to the density of the material of its making, to a typically
current elongated shape.
At the whim of the waters that created it, it eventually emerges into the sunlight and air and sensing the moment seeds and fragments of vegetation once lost to the flood and part of its substance, sprout taking root binding it into
a singularity and giving it life.
Season following season a gentle genesis creates a small Eden,
shaping a self sustaining, self contained habitat for it’s own population of creatures - only to divide under the pressure of the unremitting, uncertain flow of the river and reform it’s constituent parts, in another place and another time determined by the currents of the stream flowing to the Sea.
A Rat is a Rat is a Rat
And that’s that.
Art is a farce is a farce
A farce by any other name
Still smells...?
Ol' man Rib Eye Dat Ol' man Rib Eye,
He mus' know sumpin' But don't say nuthin'
He jes' keeps rollin' He keeps on rollin' along.
Mebbe hummin' a song Dat's not too long
T'inkin' of stuff  And if dat's not enough
Not t'inkin at all Dat's quite tough.
Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright
Upon the river of the Night
Who’d believe that she can’t see;
~ This paradox of felin~inity ~
Regally drifting upon her bier,
Not yet aware, it seems
The wood’s on fire.
An existentialist Oryctolagus cuniculus once said...
“It’s so much better being alive…and not dead”
Hmm hmmm hmm hmm
Hmm Hmm hmm hmmm.
” But if I understood and could follow it’s thread.
I ‘d have to agree with what the Humming Bird said.”
Rolling Rolling Rolling on the River of Time!
I'm a god! I'm an animal! ~ I'm the Lizard sublime!~
Searching Searching Searching. On high down low
Master of your destiny. Champion of the undertow.
Darkness that defines the Light ~ The One of my kind.
Roaming Roving Roiling. In the landscape of the Mind.
She loves me… she loves me not…yes indeed-o
Love tastes so good as sure as my name’s Libido
Eeeny meany merely male
Catching goldfish by the tail
At breakfast and lunch and dinner down they go
I  do love them dearly but wish I had told them so.
Heaven blessed this beastie, truly Royal;
To be man’s guiding strength and loyal.
Nature’s gift to him – an unflinching heart
With the eye of a deadly speeding dart.
But conflict’s clamorous call slowly fades
Leaving him standing, watching parades.
Love is in the archaeology of our tears.
Wrote a stoic old goat of ancient years.
And there is a time for each, mused he,
When nothing is as beautiful as a We.
When life’s restless waters  flow on by
Lovers bereft must envy others and sigh.
Row Row Row the barrel
Through white water and blue
Over the falls around the bend
This Monkey see this Monkey do
Whatever's left yet to be done
To cross the line Life drew.
It’s that time again Time to get it up
Time and again Time to set the clock
Time to stop mooning and crow.
Time and again Time to set the clock
Its Day again and Night’s got to go
Time for Eternity to tick the tock.
Upon the bones of man a vassal greets his Queen
Passing serenely silently through his dank domain.
Night's dark temple made pure anew by her Light
His heart's Song, celebrates the splendorous sight
Bewitched, transfixed by Her radiant secret beauty
Man's only friend turns once more to his eternal duty.
Monarch of a realm where passions rule
Greedy Pig. Needy Boar. Wherefore art thou?
Ignoble lord of all about, you play the Fool
Neath sweet Nature’s kind and laden bough.
Do you wonder, revelling in Her shading cool
What use is all this plenty without a sow?
Time is the River. Time is the Mother of Creation.
In Her infinity the smallness of each invention contributes to the magnitude, the infinity of the wonder of the Oneness of Life She perpetuates
AFW ~ Kuching 2013


Tales of a Night Creature.