Usually people don’t pay attention to the primary symptoms of disease and begin the healing process at advanced stage. How to indicate invisible symptoms and secure yourself from the disease?

Immunolyzer determines the activity (level) of immunity by analyzing the composition of saliva. If pathogenic microbes are detected, the device reports about initiary stage of disease and provides treatment

The device is fixed on the inner side of tooth (like a brace). Every day, it analyzes the composition of saliva for pathogenic microbes, which allows you to determine the immuity level and prevent progression of the disease. Information from the device is transmitted to the mobile application.

Immunolyzer and innovative biotech company (23andMe) are collaboration. Immunolyzer will allow to analyze
the genetic material based on the saliva of people
at a distance from the laboratory. 
Participant of SENSE / Creative Accelerator
judged by
James Hilton (CCO, AKQA)
David Erixon (Founder, Hyper Island)
Ilia Uvarov (CD, R/GA London)
Tom Beckman (CD & Founder, PRIME)
Katya Bazilevskaya (Co-Founder, Look At Media)
Stepan Burlakov (Founder, Freeger)