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    Rangoli I created as a commissioned art from O2 for their press release for Diwali 2013, in London, UK.
It all starts with an idea...
With time it evolves bit by bit...slowly and steadily into something new.
Adding colors always give it a new dimension, look and feel...to not know whats to come is the joy of being creative.
Playing with sand is so relaxing and meditative...the slower you go the more details you can add.
Let art just happen...to control it you're ruining your own vision...let it flow...let it blossom...let it just happen and believe it will be beautiful because whats coming through is unknown to you...but not to the one who is within you.
Its not over till you know it's over...to some it might look finished...but its not finished till you know it from with. Trust that inner voice...its more alive than you think it is...let it breath...let it live...because you need it and it needs you.

Your name is not what gives a piece its identity, its the energy you put into the piece that gives it it's true life...a meaning to be shared..and journey to be lived.
Connection an artist has, with its piece is not describable in words...its a feeling to be enjoyed, love to be shared and joy to be experienced.
I thank the One who gave me a life filled with experiences that light up my passion of creating patterns and sharing their beauty with those near and far loved ones.
To love what you've created is a must...but whats more important is the pleasure of letting it go. 
To be able to create is a gift, 
to be able to love is a desire, 
to be able to experience it all is a dream, 
and to be able to let it all go is LIFE.
Let it fall...
let it wash over you...
but dont let is own you...
or disillusion you that it'll be yours forever.
As it moves forward, it leaves behind some traces,
As it moves ahead, let it fill up the untouched spaces,
When it will be all gone, you'll know why it all started ,
It wouldn't matter then for sure...but you'll be glad it happened.

It all disappears...It has to...that is why it appears in the first place.