Chris Edgette is a filmmaker - writer and producer - from the US.
BANSHEE cinema is an LLC, founded in the US for his personal film production.
The task: design a logo/corporate collateral for BANSHEE cinema
Significant statements from Chris's briefing:
"... I usually like modernism, but for the logo, I am looking for something old world, hand crafted, with customized lettering. It is possible that it could have two versions; one small and one large with more detail. It will be shown in print, online, in business cards, and eventually animated for the film screen.
The logo needs to work as a monochromatic icon, although it could have a textured version.
The tone should be a complex blend, like an expensive chocolate:
Organic, but strong  -  dark, but not horrific  -  beautiful, but not pretty  -  
soulful, but not depressing  -  enchanting, but somber  -  ancient, but original  -  
detailed, but legible  -  something that recalls a moonlight night ..."
The BANSHEE cinema logo and much more .......
I's - Chris Edgette's first movie
What is I's about?
The film opens on a time in our near future when the first artificial intelligence wakes up. The story takes place over the last five days of our civilization as we know it, leading up to the Singularity - an utterly unknowable future in which there may be no place for us at all.