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Super Duper Rainbow Cloud, Art Toy
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Super Duper Rainbow Cloud

" Everything is calm and serene... and then suddenly...Booom!!! All gets flooded with multiple and shiny colors!
You may be surprised but for the inhabitants of Sky Land it's just an ordinary day. They've already got used to this explosive and colorful phenomenon. And they kinda miss it if when it doesn't happen. Wouldn't you? It's such a beautiful spectacle of beams of blue, green, yellow, orange and purple that cover every surface of Sky Land.
Oh, silly me! I haven't told you who I am talking about, the creature that creates this happy happeing is: Super Duper Rainbow Cloud!
This cloud has adopted as her mission to be kind to others, and everytime she does something nice, the good feeling she gets from it, is so strong that she burst into an immense Rainbow!
It's like if Super Duper Rainbow Cloud was the Sky Land equivalent to a Super Hero.
Yes! That's exactly what she is!
Ta da da daaaam!
Oh!! There's she goes again!... Ahhhhhh...Gorgeous...! "

One of a kind Art Toy.

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Super Duper Rainbow Cloud, Art Toy