Resolution: 2560x3200

Nowadays our planet has a huge damage impact by humankind. A lot of oil is pumping
from it and spreading and selling across the globe, and spilling out to nature during
technological catastrophes.

This work is a metaphor for what we left after ourselves.

The grave cross is made of oil barrels and the skull is crying
with oil that changes its color to gold.
For a long time people start conflicts and wars across the planet,
we have a lot of bullets, missiles launched every year.

Our protection (cross symbol) is our weapon of defense.
But does it reduce the number of victims?

2020 was a hard year with a lot of deaths, 
a lot of pain, and the true heroes - doctors.

This work is a tribute to them and shows pills and syringes
that are barriers and helpers during this time.

And red cross behind and at the forehead are symbols of protection.

Me and my friends and you, of course, face the problem when
people start to feel bad and depressed because of
all that messaging, posting, other people's images.

The brain begins to work wrong, we have a continuous race...
to post, to post, to post...

 And it often doesn`t have any common with our real lives.

Our person starts to split into pieces made of
messages, stories, groups, and chats.
NFT "Skulls"

NFT "Skulls"