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Background Info
Donut Bar is a high-end gourmet donut shop located in downtown San Diego striving to bring back the old world charm of high quality well made pastries. They first opened up in early March 2013 right the middle of downtown San Diego where parking is difficult to find and space is small. Despite these hindering factors, they often sell out of donuts before their official close time. They have had much success since their opening and that is mainly due to word of mouth, great reviews, social media, and of course their own passion and dedication to their craft.
The Website Dilemma
So the is a funny thing... When you look at Donut Bar, they are pretty successful merely through word of mouth and social media channels. They initially created a site in February, and virtually since it's original inception, it really hasn't been updated at all. When you go to their Facebook or check them out on Yelp!, they link to their Tumblr which is a collection of their instagram pictures. From this alone, it is very apparent that a website is not high on their list of priorities and neither is it something that adds to their success. So the main question I asked as I was developing this conceptual site for Donut Bar was: 
"What value could a website bring to Donut bar and it's customers?"
The Value of a Website
After much contemplation, I realized that the site needed to do two things. 
1. Curate the best parts of Donut Bar in order to relate the intrinsic values of Donut Bar.
2. Provide relevant information for users so that they may engage and become excited with Donut Bar.
For this website concept, I wanted the site to answer the above questions and convey these these elements: approachability, simplicity, community, excitement, fun, and creativity.
Process Notes
Style Guide
Donut Bar Concept Web Pages 
The Donut Counter: Usually they only make a certain amount in a day so when they sell out, they're out. The Donut Counter is on the landing page so you can check the donut levels before making your way to downtown.
Using their instagram, we'll pull the daily menu and place it here. To capitalize on SEO they have to do a little updating and type in the donut names for the next day's menu.
A picture is worth more than a thousand words...
The Classics: These are the donuts they'll make everyday.
One-of-a-Kind: Often times, fans will suggest flavors. If they can do it, they'll make it. This portion of the site is to highlight the latest experimental creations and acknowledge the Donut Bar community. 
Catering: They deliever donuts with the Donut Mobile! How cool is that ?
Donut Bar