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Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!
Continuing my month long celebration of Halloween with an illustrated countdown of my top 5 favorite Horror Movie icons!
Coming in at #1: Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Creature AKA: Gill-Man is my all time favorite horror movie icon. I came upon this movie during my teen years but it only fueled my love for special effects and movie magic. If I had not become an illustrator by profession, I most likely would have ventured down the road of Special Effects, Make-up and movie prosthetics. The level of detail and believability in Gill-man’s suit is amazing considering the time it was made. It without a doubt looks as good, if not better than some of today’s creature creations. A combination of incredible design, and the added fear of what you can’t see beneath the dark waters, The Creature from the Black Lagoon belongs nowhere but at the top of my list. Hope you all enjoyed this countdown. Now go watch some horror movies!! Have a great Halloween everyone!
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