DECADENT: The Creative Platform for a compromised world.

Branding Campaign:
From the brief: 
"These are decadent times. Morally, emotionally, physically, humankind is a mess. What’s needed now isn’t more money, power or control. 
What we all need is Art. Culture. Freedom of thought. We need a safe space for uncompromising and uncompromised creativity. 
A place where we can breathe, safe in the knowledge we aren’t all in the gutter. Welcome to Decadent. Part arts showcase. Part idea incubator. 
All free."
The brand needed a logo that was bold, recognizable and adaptable. An icon that was somehow degraded but with purpose. Working with typographer Nick Stewart we started with loose texture boards and having decided where we did-and dint't want to go, we moved into marque development
We eventually landed on the 'Cut D' symbol. We instantly knew it would be endlessly versatile and had the iconographic integrity to be applied/adapted in multiple ways.
Special Commissions
We've commissioned artists to bring their own unique flavour to the logo. These three interpretations were created by by digital maestro James Usill. For more of his work visit​​​​​​​
Social & Tactical
Events. Seasons. Celebrations. From Valentines Day to a walk in the woods, everything has a decadent side. 
A selection of images we’ve created for social & promotional use.
Client: Decadent World
Creative Director: James Spence
Design & typography: Nick Stewart
Social Image Designer/Writer: James Spence
Special Commission Artist: James Usill
Multiple Owners
James Spence