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Guitar Fuzz Effect Pedal «Stoned Truck»
Guitar Fuzz Effect Pedal 
«Stoned Truck»
A fuzz pedal — a special equipment that is plugged in between the guitar and an amplifier. It gives off a certain distorted, crispy sound.

The task was to create the name and to design the exterior.
We wanted the new name and design to convey the character of the sound and hit the main audience’s preferences.

This particular pedal’s sound reminds of the rattling and rumbling of a big truck, filled with rocks, speeding through a bumpy road. We used this metaphor in both naming and illustration, making the whole truck appear stone-like.
A previous logo was redesigned. We picked out the right colour. On/off indicator, volume, tone and gain handles’ placement was used in the design as well. Switched on indicator looks like the truck’s traffic lights are on.
The client set the cost they’re willing to pay for a single pedal body production, including printing.

We examined all printing method options and picked one, which was the best cost and quality-wise. In this method, the image is transferred directly onto a metal surface. We’ve found a printing company and supervised the production.
Despite its small size, the pedal stands out among others on the pedalboard.

The client is a rehearsing ground and guitar workshop La Grange. The task is to create the name and to design the exterior for their new product — guitar fuzz pedal.

Client: The design of the pedal should not be aggressive. It’s not about metal, demons or satan. The core audience is guitarists that play blues, hard rock, stoner, psychedelic rock, alternative and grange.

The appearance of this pedal is very important, it is supposed to be liked. Musicians will look at it at home, at rehearsals and concerts.
Previous design

We study the sound this pedal creates and come up with a metaphor of a big truck, filled with rocks, speeding through a bumpy road. We make the first sketches.
The sketches without its own name yet. This particular pedal is a reproduction, with certain adjustments, of another legendary fuzz pedal — Big Muff.
We like the front look. Come up with the name — Stoned Truck.
The colours have to be rich and vibrant, so the pedal will stand out among others on a store shelf or on the stage. We try out an acidic colour palette, but without any banality.

Then we fit the illustration that way, so that when switched on, the indicator looks like a truck’s traffic lights are on.
Then there comes an idea to make the whole truck made out of stone. We pick the colour scheme and try out american engraving-ish style, add more depth and details to the image. Replace round-shaped vibrations with spiky ones, that more accurately represent this messy, dirty sound.

Then we decide that it turns out too cartoonish, too much details, and the illustration does not represent the sound.

We replace the liquid coming out of the pipes with the smoke. Then we try to connect its shape to the rotation of the handles. Now it will give off a hint to which direction you should turn them to get more tone, gain or volume.
All markings are put in place.

We try out different types of radiator grille.

The illustration is picked, we add the sockets, try out various body colours to see which one looks the best in the environment.

We try new handles, that will fit the size and the style better.
Pavel Karasev, producer
Olga Starkova, designer and illustrator
Dmitrii Kuzkin, engineer
Konstantin Faraktinov, designer
Gekkoprint, printing company
Nikolai Prokurov, client

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Guitar Fuzz Effect Pedal «Stoned Truck»