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“Floratopija“ | Book

"Floratopija" is the sci-fi story that I wrote and illustrated. Book “Floratopija“ is an integral part of an ongoing project #floratopiaproject, which is questioning person’s relationship with nature, the origin of humanity, and also provokes discussion about faith and evolution. It is a story about utopian neo-Baltic world, in which pagan pantheism and manifestations of Christianity meet on the battlefield of human origin and Divine love. The book was published in 2020, in Lithuanian language. The story has unique structure that is represented with the layout design created by Lithuanian artist Gediminas Šiaulys. There is an audio version of the book as well. The audio book was recorded by seven different people, among whom there are such Lithuanian actors as Giedrius Kiela, Alvydė Pikturnaitė, Tomas Šečkus.
Layout & illustrations

The book cover
I Illustrations
The layout of the book
II Illustrations 
III Illustrations
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“Floratopija“ | Book
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Elena Motiejūnaitė