She Football Club.

FIFA Pro Clubs, the game mode in FIFA 2021 in which every gamer can create his own avatar and be part of a club, only aloud to do it with male personifications tools, so if any women want to play it, they have to play this career mode with male avatars.

Pony Malta, found the way to hack this game mode, using the male personification tools, we made our own avatars with female facial features. And created the first women club in career mode so we could be represented on it: SHE FC. We invited the best female gamers of the country to launch it and play hacking this game mode, the action was so powerful that not only female gamers but professional female football players joined the team and even ABinBev created a global gaming team supporting all the women gamers in the world called She Gamming. We also created a signed petition and send it to FIFA stamped on a jersey of the club with all the signs. FIFA didn’t answer, so we keep hacking the game.

She Football Club