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    A New Mexico sunset.
Prelude To a Symphony
Gazing upon this scene, one could hardly imagine what Mother Nature and the Sun had planned for the close of another Earth day.
A Trumpet of Light
A certain amount of electricity floods the scene as light waves shoot across the plains, but still She holds her cards close.
A Golden Hem
As time races by, and the Sun sinks quickly to the horizon, a hint of color graces the sky.
A Palette of Gold
Unable to conceal Her exuberance any longer, Mother Nature floods the sky with Her art.
The Colors Sing
The hue deepens as the Sun shifts, causing one to think the art show is about to close.
Heaven Speaks
The Sun, demonstrating that He is the conductor of this song, shines forth in untold brilliance.
Scarlet Finale
Already below the horizon, the Sun commands the heavens to create a hue and brilliance of color rarely displayed, as a testament to His creative prowess.
A Gentle Exit
These pastels lasted a minute or two and then all was gray and night began to emerge.