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    Identity proposal for a Guest House in the heart of Porto’s UNESCO World Heritage
Casa / Identity Proposal
The city of Porto is no longer only inhabited by people of Porto. A myriad of visitors seek its beauty, heritage, unique gastronomy and endless sympathy.
In this context, at the request of a small Guest House situated in the historic center of Porto, we developed a proposal capable of sustaining, conceptual and visually, its future identity.
Therefore, for this development, we consider three fundamental points, which isolated are incredibly valuable and together make the design unique wholeheartedly:
1. The starting point is the building itself and its historical background. Space that is not a ” new spot", empty of emotion. It is “a home" that has accumulated over a century of history. For this reason, it would make perfect sense to refer it to the history of the city Porto, Cultural World Heritage.
Located in the birthplace of the city, surrounded by numerous offers in a city with character, history and charisma, a city that was considered in 2012 the best tourism destination Europe.
"... We make friends for life." 
This is truly the outstanding element, a house where guests are treated as friends. Human contact "from Porto" always there.
The Key In this subject we find an intersection of the three concepts. The key that unlocks a past and a city, but above all an object capable of transmitting familiarity, belonging, safety and reliability.
Our key, we only trust to friends.