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    It Will Swallow You Whole: tribute to JAWS
Designed exclusively for the art tribute show 'Smile, You Son of a Bitch' at the Hero Complex Gallery. This 3 day event will take place from november 1st till november 3rd. Proceeds will go to benefit PangeaSeed’s conservation & education efforts. Over 90 international artists have come together to help raise awareness for the global plight of sharks while celebrating their place in pop culture.
Thumbnails. Love this part! Getting myself a nice cappucino and a slice a carrotcake from my favorite coffee place. It is a ritual and it works. OK, enough about that! Let's start the breakdown!
I decided to go with the blood dripping from the sharks teeth, cause that one I find the most frightening. If y'all didn't know, I am TERRIFIED of sharks! FYI: I had to take a lot of breaks while creating the art piece.
So I started with just the teeth. The first idea was that you only see the teeth in the comp.
Then I started adding the blood and started to realize that I have to show more of the outline of the shark.
Now we are getting somewhere! 
Lets now add some more red and black splatters on the background.
Now maybe add some grey.
Voila! Just got scared to DEATH!!!